sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

Inspirationless... and boredom...

It's 10:02 in the morning, it's Saturday... I'm ready to go to the church but I'm waiting for my roommate to get ready too... He's taking a long time to do so, and I was getting bored. And I started thinking about how our times is wasted in stupid things (I don't mean that my roommate is stupid, well maybe he is, but just a little bit), it's like we have no conscience of the time, and let it pass with no worries. Well I read a lot of times about time and how to use it correctly, but now I realized (by my own experience today) that the time is valious! and that we should learn how to use it in the best way, otherwise we would be just wasting our lives. So, I'm going to live the moment, and you do it too! xD

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